Who We Are: 2-4 boys/girls having fun and recording "commentaries" for some of our favorite film franchises.

What We Do: We don't just randomly decide to watch a movie and record some silly words for it. Oh no,
we put in effort! We have a very specific set of rules we must follow in order to record for a given month.

      1) The films must be part of a series of 3 or more.
      2) We must do the ENTIRE series.
      3) The series must be linked to something happening that month.

Obviously, these are the ground-rules of greatness and we must never break them.

We Never Brake Those Rules!

Why we do: It's all for fun. We just love watching movies and talking over them. Simple as that.

When we do: We record an entire month's updates (whole series) in one sitting.
     It's great and the quality doesn't suffer at all!

How we do: We have recording equipment... obviously. We're professionals.

Please like us!